Tomei Expreme Ti Cat-Back Titanium Exhaust – Toyota AE86 (Type S)

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The Tomei Expreme Titanium Type – S Exhaust is the ultra lightweight stock styled exhaust for the Toyota Corolla AE86. The Type-S Exhaust routes through the AE86 over the axle, just like the stock exhaust deos. It features a 60.5mm inner diameter throughout the entire exhaust system. The titanium exhaust system is 14.44 lbs lighter than stock. It is perfect for the racers who are looking for the lightest exhaust possible to have on the AE86. The Titanium piping matches the wide open throttle scream of the 4AG perfectly.


Material : Titanium

PIpe Diameter: 60.5mm

PIpe Exit Diameter: 89.1mm

Weight: 9.37 lbs

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Weight 10 kg

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