HKS GTIII-RS Bolt on Turbo Kit – Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86

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HKS has released a long-waited Bolt-on Turbo Kit with GTIII-RS turbine for 86/BRZ.

GTIII-RS turbine that is the best match with 2L engine, special designed turbo housing, and other special parts are made by HKS special turbo technology.

This kit is available from a stock to tuned engine.

The engine output will reach 450ps when this kit is installed to a tuned engine.


GTIII-RS Turbocharger Assy with an actuator.

Oil & Water Piping Parts

Air Cleaner, Suction Pipe

Front-mounted Intercooler, Piping

Exhaust Manifold,

For 11001-KT001, CATless Extension

For 11001-AT005, Extension with CAT

Insulator Cover, Insulator Sheet

Gaskets, Brackets, Bolts, etc.


2.1L E/G + GTIII-RS : 334kw(454ps)/6400rpm

Stock E/G+ GTIII-RS : 251kw(342ps)/6600rpm

NA Stock : 136kw(185ps)/6800rpm


2.1L E/G + GTIII-RS : 536N・m(55kgf・m)/4600rpm

Stock E/G+ GTIII-RS : 391N・m(40kgf・m)/4100rpm

NA Stock : 199N・m(20kgf・m)/4100rpm


※Reinforced fuel parts such as injectors are required.

※Pressure sensor is required separately.

※Engine management parts are not included in this kit.

※Resetting is required.

※Vehicle modification is required in order to install this kit (Refer to the separated information.)

※Reinforced clutch is required to avoid slippage of the clutch disk that may occur due to significant torque characteristic change.

※It is strongly recommended to install an oil cooler to protect the engine.

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Weight 35 kg

Backorder. Check Before Ordering

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