Momo Mod.02 Leather Steering Wheel – 350mm

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The MOMO MOD.02 racing steering wheel features a round grip finished with black leather, black spoke, horn button and yellow leather reference marker. Like all MOMO steering wheels, the MOD.02 is made in Italy from the highest quality materials. The leather is glued to the rim, instead of being stitched, to provide a seamless finish for greater comfort and durability. An aftermarket hub is required for installation.

Included Parts:

MOMO Steering Wheel, MOMO Horn Button (Flat Lip), MOMO Horn Button Retaining Ring (Low Profile) and MOMO Earthing Cable

*Please note: This steering wheel is not supplied with screws for installation. If you do not already have a hub kit with screws, a MOMO Fixing Screw Set can be purchased separately.

MOMO is leading the way in quality aftermarket steering wheels. From our Motorsport range with flat bottom steering wheels to the leather and mahogany 3 spoke classic range. Since 1964, MOMO has delivered the highest standard in consumer and racing products. MOMO use quality grade sourced materials from around the world. From the finest leathers used for the Shift Knob range, to the latest high tech fireproof nomex materials used in underwear and race suits.


Colour: Black

Materials: Leather

Spoke Finish: Black

Horn: Gloss Black

Diameter: 350mm

Dish: 87mm

Grip Thickness: 28mm

Style: Rally

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

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