SPC Rear Camber/Toe Shims – Honda Fit/Jazz GD 2001-2007 (Pair)

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A Full Contact Dual Angle shim consisting of only four part numbers that corrects Toe and Camber with one shim.


Instruction sheets are included in each shim package. Various combinations of the shims and shim accessories are included on 88700 Dual Angle Shim Board, and our Passenger Car Assortment Board (88260).


CAUTION: Check for caliper to rotor clearance when installing this part on vehicles equipped with rear disc brakes. Some vehicles may require the use of longer bolts. Recommend use of 10408 bolts and 75970 spacers as required.


Rear Adjustment range: Camber ±1.50° Toe ±1.50°

Installation time: .5 hr/side

Required: 1 shim per wheel


Weight 2 kg
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